Beneath the 2 hemisphere of brain and between the two front lobes of the four lobes of midbrain (quadruplet bodies), there is a small gland that due to its similarity to pine tree, it is named Pineal gland.

Pineal oozes a hormone named Melatonin which adjusts body’s internal clock (biologic clock); in darkness the rate of oozing Melatonin hormone increases. Pineal puts human to sleep and affects behavioral condition of people

Pineal is a research based project about dreams that started in a group project from Donya research institute with the leadership of Arezoo Aali.

Pineal was founded by Parsa Nazeri and Its idea was developed by a group of three in 2017. Pineal’s first edition was an Audiovisual installation with collaboration of Matin Nikookar as sound designer, Amir Naghavi as visual designer and six performers, which was staged at Darbast Platform Tehran,Iran.

Pineal continued its path and its second edition was performed at Rooberoo Mansion Tehran, Iran twice in December 2017 and April 2018, this time the outcome was 20 minuets Audiovisual performance.

Amir Naghavi, Matin Nikookar and Parsa Nazeri are the main members of the project each with their own specialty in different media who are focusing on the leading concept of Pineal which is dream.